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Impact of Movies on American Traditions Summary


creative cover page that includes your name, SOC 100D-S02, the date, and the title of your article with a creative image, photo, or clip art. Think of this as an album cover that highlights your topic in a creative/symbolic way. 2.) Copy and paste a recent news article (after 2016) that discusses a current event that you are going to connect to sociological topic/concepts/one SOC perspective. Sharing only the link will not get full credit. 3.) Summary—next, I am looking for a 1-full page, double-spaced summary of your article. (Writing more is fine. Writing less will cost you points) For the heading of your summary section, only write Article # 1 (or #2, etc.) Summary. Do not put your name or class information on the summary page or any of the other sections. If you are unsure about how to write an article summary, please make an appointment to work with the Writing Center for guidance. 4.) Sociological Connections (and “why it matters” section): A 1-page (or more) double-spaced sociological application of sociological ideas from our course, and one SOC perspective to your article. Title this page “Sociological Connections.” I am looking for you to use as many SOC terms/concepts/theorists/vocabulary, etc. as you discuss how the article topic can be viewed from one of the sociological perspectives (i.e., S/F, Conflict, or Symbolic Interactionism). Put the focus on the sociological connections! As the semester goes on, you should apply more theoretical perspectives to your article as you develop the skills to do so. **End this section with a sentence or two about why this topic is meaningful or interesting to you, and why it might be important to better understand the wider, social world. 5.) A symbolic picture*/cartoon/artistic rendering (or other visual media example, e.g., YouTube link) with a half page describing the hidden symbolic meaning and relevance to the article/topic. *The image must NOT be an original part of the article itself. You may include your own photos or memes, a political cartoon, or a YouTube link–always with a description of how this relates to hidden, yet collectively understood meaning.

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