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Importance of Masks & Vaccines and Autism Discussions

Question Description

I’m working on a history question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Pick ONE of the following topics to write a sentence about. An opinion on one of these topics MUST be part of your first sentence. 

Do gateway drugs contribute to the use of more powerful drugs?

Do vaccines cause autism?

Is Covid really worse than the flu?

Are eggs bad for you?

Does the California “one year” rule not  allowing teens to drive with friends until they have their license for  one year have any benefit?

  • Does sugar cause hyperactivity in children?

Do masks really help stop the spread of disease?

  • Do seatbelts really matter?
  • Write a topic sentence that answers the question. (This is easier than the video since I gave you the topic). 
  • Support it with TWO facts that are supported. (That means look up two articles or sources that support your opinion. If there are not two (author) in your post, something is wrong.)
  • Feel free to clarify any complexity like I did above (Yes, gateways leads to more drugs early on but later it is not clear)

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