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Improving oxygenation and decreasing mortality

Is prone position the most effective in improving oxygenation and decreasing mortality?


Purpose of this literature review is to find evidence to answer your PICOT question (In Adults with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to Covid-19 infection, in comparison to other positions, is prone position the most effective in 

improving oxygenation and decreasing mortality?)

Discuss how your selected prone position in adult with ARDS is applicable in both the USA and non-USA countries, and criticaly appraise four research recent studies on your topic. 

This is a scholarly paper, written as a “Review of the Literature” article publishable in a nursing journal.

Write an 8-page narrative (8-page maximum) plus a title page, abstract page, and reference page. This is a scholarly ppublishable paper – DO NOT WRITE IN FIRST PERSON. 

Use current published peer-reviewed literature (articles, books) found on FIU library databases to support your statements.  You must use a minimum of four original research articles for your paper.

Page 1: Title page: Refer to your APA 7th edition Manual. Do use a running head (a shortened version of the title – 50 characters or less in ALL CAPS).

Page 2: Abstract The abstract should open with a sentence that will serve as an introduction to the purpose of your paper.  An abstract is usually a brief outline of the contents you wrote in your paper and typically does not have citations and does not exceed 250 words. After the abstract, place the phrase Keywords, and denote 3-4 keywords that would describe your paper (as for publication and indexing in CINAHL or PubMed).

Pages 3-10 Narrative (8-page maximum) points deducted for over/under page limits. Use the Sample Student Paper Example in the 7th edition APA Manual to help you format your paper including level 1 headings and Level 2 subheadings as described below

  • Use the heading: Significance and Background Start the paper defining the global health problem, and discuss why it is important for nursing (why you are discussing this topic – NOT written in first person). Discuss what is known about the BSN nursing care practice in the USA and non-USA countries. (Approximately 1 page).
  • Use the heading: Purpose State the purpose of this literature review in terms of your PICOT question. (Approximately ½-page).
  • Use the heading: Methods Discuss the methods you used to select your research studies. How did you select your evidence? Similar to a literature review methodology.
  • Use the heading: Results
    Next use the subheading:
    • Use the Subheading: Study #1: Nursing research Study in the USA Provide a brief appraisal (Approximately 1½ pages)
    • Use the Subheading: Study #2: Nursing Research Study Non-USA Provide a brief appraisal (Approximately 1½ pages)
    • Use the Subheading: Study #3: Nursing Research Study [USA or Non-USA-one or the other not both] Provide a brief appraisal (Approximately 1½ pages)
    • Use the Subheading: Study #4: Nursing Research Study [USA or Non-USA one or the other not both] Provide a brief appraisal (Approximately 1½ pages)
    • Use the heading: Conclusion Summarize the key points from the results verifying the trustworthiness of the evidence. (Approximately ½  page).

Page 11: Reference page. Refer to your APA Manual.

This review is a scholarly paper in APA format and with at least four APA with both in text and the reference page citations.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!References Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Select research articles published within the past five years (2017 to present).
  • Do not use a non-peer review journal.
  • Do not use a literature review article, systematic review article, meta-analysis or meta-synthesis, or clinical protocols as one of your articles.
  • At least TWO of the four research articles MUST BE authored by nurses and published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal.
  • At least ONE of the two nursing research studies must address nursing practice in a non-USA country.
  • Do not write in first person.
  • Do not use quotes [practice paraphrasing]

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