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Industrial Hygiene Plan Case Study


As a local Industrial Hygienist, you have been contracted to re-establish a necessary inhabitable work environment to remediate the Arkema Chemical Plant following the recession of the waters from Hurricane Harvey and the fire. Write a plan that includes guidance for safe entry and clean-up procedures for all recovery workers. The plan should include a hazard assessment for the most critical items or operations that can cause acute or chronic health effects, illnesses, or diseases. This contract requires that the Industrial Hygienist remain on-site during the remediation process; however, the plan should answer the bulk of the team’s questions before arriving at the site.

** Remember – the team will be conducting remediation of debris, chemical, etc. after the recession of the floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey.**

Do not limit yourself to these resources – these are here to get you started.

ABC News – Massive, massive cleanup’ in store for Houston after Hurricane Harvey

U.S. Chemical Safety Board – Arkema Inc. Chemical Plant Fire

Youtube Video

Watch Video

Fire at Arkema chemical plant in Texas

Duration: 5:46

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In the report, ensure the following areas are covered:

Recommendations and Guidance

Industrial Hygiene Concerns




Calculate the warehouse atmosphere


Safety Concerns

Team Considerations

Hazardous Material Concerns

Monitoring Concerns

Personal Protective Equipment Requirements

Cite all regulations and standards that are tied to recommendations within the plan. For example, if there is a recommendation to use outriggers, cite “OSHA 29 CFR 1926.959(b)”; or if there is a recommendation from a NIOSH publication regarding abrasive blasting, and the need for respiratory protection, cite “HEW Publication No. (NIOSH) 74-104 (1974)” in the plan next to the recommendation.

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