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Industrial Organizational Psychology and Organizational Leadership


The focus of this assignment is defending your chosen school of thought and how it relates to your specialization area and with your proposed research topic. In this assignment, you will defend your chosen school of thought with main points, assertions, and conclusions supported with relevant and credible evidence from sources in the annotated bibliography you created during this course. Incorporate an analysis of how your chosen school of thought aligns with your proposed research topic based upon the work you completed for the discussion in Week 7 and peer feedback from the same discussion. 


Write a three to 4-page paper that defends your chosen school of thought relative to your specialization and proposed research topic. Include a cover page and reference list in addition to the three to four pages in your paper that address the following components.

  • Clearly identify your research topic.
  • Explain why you chose the topic and what it involves.
  • Provide your preliminary thoughts about the problem or issue involved with this topic.
  • Describe how the philosophical (principles and values) and applied elements (research methods) of your chosen school of thought can help you better understand the topic and help you design a research study to learn more about this area of interest.

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