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Industrial Revolution in Britain Discussion



Lecture 7 – Calicoes, Cotton and the Industrial Revolution (Links to an external site.)

Documentary: The Industrial Revolution — BBC (Links to an external site.)

Lecture by John Merriman – Industrial Revolutions (Links to an external site.)


1. Watch the lecture in its entirety. Watch the documentary.

2. Based on the lecture (my lecture), respond to the following prompt: What were the key factors that allowed an Industrial Revolution to take place in Britain? Secondly, describe, in your own words, one of the lasting impacts of the Industrial Revolution on modern society.

3. Use evidence (names, dates, events etc.) to fully substantiate your point. Avoid being vague. Use specifics.

4. Analyze the evidence carefully, and present your own interpretations. Do not simply recapitulate the lecture word for word with minor alterations in syntax.

Guidelines and Requirements:

1. A minimum of 350 words. By all means, feel free to write more.

2. Use formal, well-written English. You will be penalized points if your discussion post is sloppy and incomprehensible.

3. Read other students’ posts. Give a “Like” to those students who you feel have done an exceptional job (please, don’t arbitrarily “Like” all posts). Feel free to — politely and respectfully — comment on other student’s posts. Nodding your head in agreement to everyone’s post can be quite boring. Argument — in a respective and intelligent language — is a bit more fun =), so please, feel free to debate.Explanation & Answer: 350 wordsTag

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