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Innovation and Adaptability skills portfolio


The goal of this portfolio is to highlight your skills in being innovative and adaptable as well as leading/managing innovation and adaptability in teams and organizations. For the semester, you were supposed to improve your skills in the six competencies (see the definition in the appendix) that will help you lead and manage innovation and change. 

For this Innovation and Adaptability Skills Portfolio, you will highlight what you have learned, how you learned it, and how you will use what you have learned to continue to develop your abilities in each of the six competencies and overall as you lead and manage innovation and change in the future.1) PLEASE CHECK “Final – Innovation and Adaptability Skills Portfolio” file for instructions (The Process part) and rubrics for marking categories2) Please review my learning plan from steps 1,2 &4 for the goals and the progress I’ve made at achieving this goal.3) Please be as specific and detailed as possible since this professor is very tough on marking4) Please refer to the six competencies from “Appendix – Definition of the Six Competencies” from “Final – Innovation and Adaptability Skills Portfolio” file as you write because that’s what the professor is looking for5) I really need this to be as detailed as possible so even if you only write point 1 & point 2 and it takes 8 pages I’m ok with that.
I know this is a lot of work but I really need help on writing this paper. You can based on the things that I wrote and make up some parts about my skills and strengths and weaknesses as long as it makes sense.
Thank you!

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