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Inspiration: Book Project assignment at an affordable cost


Read an inspirational, non-leadership book that you might not have thought about reading regarding your leadership growth and will take you out of your comfort zone.

Analyze the main theme of the book and compare it to your self-assessments taken throughout your degree program.

Synthesize information from self-assessments you have taken and how it does/does not relate to main theme of the book.

Critically connect the main theme of the book with your leader identity today.

Develop qualitative data for use in your thematic analysis in Unit 2.


This assignment takes you to a different place, through narrative. You are expected to create connections from your chosen book and your leadership. Some books will offer opportunities to complete exercises, which will allow you to critically think about your leadership and future planning. Others may be inspirational and lead you to a new way of thinking. Regardless, you have an opportunity to look at your leader identity today, through a new perspective, while drawing on past learning in your degree program.

Remember that you are “re-telling a story” and that you should practice some effective storytelling skills in the process, in this case – using history to give form to ideals. Write vividly, use metaphors, paint a picture, and write in first person

The Book – Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It bob Gof

·       What is your review of the book, in its entirety?

o   How would you describe it to others?

o   Would you recommend the book to a colleague or student focused on learning organizational leadership studies? Why?

·       What lessons resonated with you from this book?

o   Provide 3 examples while spending time on the biggest lesson for you in the reading.

o   Provide reasoning/support as to why these resonated with you and reflect why in terms of leading an organization.

·       How did your book connect to other Organizational Leadership (OGL) courses? Think about lectures, discussion, and activities from previous courses you have taken? (For example, from OGL 300: Theory and Practice of Leadership is there a theoretical perspective or framework you could apply? From OGL 481: Pro-Seminar I what Frames can you apply?)

·       How does this book differ from anything you have learned while earning your Organizational Leadership degree?

·       What aspect of the book do you most identify with or associate with from your book? Explain your answer in detail.

·       After reading the book and reflecting on the content, how can you make an impact as an organizational leader?

o   How has this book and impacted your understanding of leadership?

o   How can you make a difference through your future career?

·       If you could ask the author one question, what would it be? Why would this add to your understanding?

Overall Structure: Your overall paper, while it might be a collection of ideas from chosen book and how it relates to your leader identity there will be elements common to a typical paper:

  Introduction: An introduction, which might include a “hook” or “repetend” (a repetend is a recurring phrase, like a refrain in music). A hook is a statement that catches the reader’s attention, for example: a relevant quotation, question, fact, or definition. A repetend might be something like an expression that you use to repeatedly to introduce each of the stories that make up your life story personal narrative – something like “Journeys bring both joy and hardship” – for example.

  Body: A body, which will include stories and analysis from the chosen book and across your leadership journey. You might divide this into similarities or differences to you, or connections to other OGL Courses, or how this book may or may not shape your leader future. Make sure to create a strong thesis and to collect evidence from not only the book, but also all the work you have done to earn your degree or in your career.

  Conclusion: A conclusion, which will draw your analysis to a close, summarize your experiences and what you learned through writing your book analysis. Include whether you included this document in your e-portfolio, explaining your decision.

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