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Institurional enviorment in South Africa for social enterprises


The paper should demonstrate the ability to identify and delineate a

theme, elaborate on the dimensions pertaining to the theme in a critical manner, and produce a
substantial piece of relevant scholarship. The guidelines for paper writing are as follows:

• The paper should be 2000 words (+/- 10%). This is excluding the bibliography.
• Use 1,5 line spacing, Times New Roman 12 pt., include in-text referencing and
bibliography according to APA (see APA style guide on Canvas).
• On the first page, mention your full name, student number and word count.
• Include a title for your paper.
• You may but not need to use sub-headings for different sections of the paper.
• Your paper can either take the form of a research paper or an essay. The difference is that
a research paper is more exploratory and tries to examine “what’s going on” (flesh out
aspects of a particular phenomenon or explain how a phenomenon came about or changed,
etc.), whereas an essay-style paper is more argumentative and tries to convince the reader
of the position taken by the author. In line with this difference: if you opt for a research-
style paper, you are required to include a central question in the introduction of your paper;
if you opt for an essay-style paper you are required to include a central statement in the
introduction. The central question or statement should be the core of your paper and hence
everything elaborated in the paper should serve to answer the question / defend the
• You must use at least 10 academic sources (article or book chapter length), and you may
use additional non-academic sources (media, government sources, etc.) and perhaps some
first-hand ethnographic material.
• The topic of your paper cannot be the same as the topic of the weekly reflections.
• The paper is due on Friday 24 December at 23:59. Note that 0.5 grade point will be
deducted per day that the paper is handed in late.
• Papers must be submitted as PDF via Canvas.
• Please note that the paper grade must be at least 6.0 in order to pass the course (this does
not apply to the grades for the weekly reflections).

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