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Interactive Media Activity Case Study


View the Case Study: Lola interactive media activity, which you will use throughout the course. As you look through the case study, become familiar with Lola and her personality, as well as her successes and struggles. You will be asked to look at Lola from two different perspectives: from a traits perspective in this week’s assignment and from a motives perspective in the Week 4 assignment. Note that information for each assignment is on a different tab within the presentation.

n this course, as in all of the psychology courses, you are expected to write your assignments in current APA style, as applicable. This activity is useful in finding resources that will help you improve your writing and use of proper APA style. Listed below are some resources that will help you in your writing. Many of these also can be found in the assignments within this course:

Assignment Instructions


Personality psychology is the focus of some of the best-known psychology theories. To illustrate the discipline’s different theories and approaches to individuality, you will examine the application of several theories to the case of a young woman we call Lola. In this case study assignment, you will hear from Lola, as well as from some of the significant people in her life.

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