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Intercultural Assignment at an Affordable Cost

InstructionsAnswer the following questions with short answer reponses and number each response with the question.1. Movie Clip

You have just viewed a scene from “The Last Samurai” starring Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise’s character (Nathan Algren) is a captain in the US army in 1876. He is asked to go to Japan and train Japanese soldiers to use modern weapons. He is captured in battle and lives in a small remote village in the mountains of Japan. Here he is exposed to the traditions of the samurai (such as loyalty to one’s master, self discipline and respectful, ethical behavior). After many months he embraces the culture of the samurai and adopts it as his own.

The scene you just viewed is at the end of the film. The Japanese soldiers won a battle using modern guns and cannons (provided by Americans). The samurai’s skill with swords was no match for these modern weapons.

  • The text discusses the ethics behind intercultural contact. As the world modernizes, cultural traditions may be left behind. What ethical dilemmas come into play in this situation?

2. Interesting Fact & Idea

George Washington never chopped down that cherry tree, and he also didn’t really use wooden dentures. Abe Lincoln had a high pitched, squeaky voice, and his Gettysburg Address was generally considered an embarrassment when he delivered it.

  • How much of what you think you know about history is real, and how much is fiction? The more interesting question is, how can you be sure of the difference? Explain

3. Business Communication Video

  • What color should not be used in graphic design in China?
  • Why did an American automakers care not sell well in Spanish speaking countries?

4. In detail, summarize at length the video “Communicating Across Cultures” and relate it to ANY aspect of the course you wish.


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