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Interior design commercial interior Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Learning Outcomes:
Objective 1
o To reinforce the design ideas through research component
Objective 2
o Analyze the elements of the entire presentation
Assignment Description:
A5 Academic Essay
Students will write 800 words research essay.
Assignment Brief (specifics):
Students will write 800 words research essay. The research is based on the
design of the project and to include the following:
A Contemporary Office Design:
a) Discuss the challenges and opportunities in office design.
b) Discuss the new online trends that have become popular due to the
c) How the design trends will affect office design in the future?
Your paper should follow the criteria:
• 3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font (standard one-inch margins).
• Essay should include APA documentation (in-text and end-of text citation)
Your paper should contain these parts:
 Introduction:
 Describe / Define Office Design Interior Design in general. What are the
types and trends office designs?
 Body of Paper:
 The body of your paper should provide supporting evidence on the
Contemporary Office Design. What are challenges in contemporary
office design. Discuss the new online trends work practice that have
become popular due to the pandemic.
 Conclusion:
 Your conclusion should make some “wrap up” statements about how
these trends (online work) could affect office design in the future?
Students are required to present on Week 10.
Submission Format:
Word Document in PDF

Assignment 5

Assignment X
Required textbook:
(Name of Book)
Suggested Reading:
(Name of Books)
Suggested websites/blog:
Required Software:
 Adobe Acrobat
 Adobe Photoshop
 AutoDesk AutoCAD
 Design Manager
 Google
 Google Scholar
 Kerkythea
 Lumion
 Microsoft Word
 Microsoft Excel
 Microsoft PowerPoint
 Microsoft Teams
 Pinterest
 Podium
 Trimble SketchUp
 V-Ray
Referencing style:
APA (American Psychological
Values of LCI Education:
 Commitment
 Initiative
 Quality
 Sharing
 Mutual Consideration
Academic honesty:
Students are required to submit an original academic essay; therefore, group work
will not be accepted. If a student is found to have committed academic dishonesty
(plagiarism), or some other form of academic dishonesty, they will receive 0% for
the academic essay submitted.
Referencing style:
Students are to use the APA (American Psychological Association) citation style
for all academic purposes for interior design courses.
Marking criteria:
 Academic essay structure (Introduction, main body + conclusion)
 Development of ideas (organization, development, well-structured
paragraphs, and transitions)
 English sentence structure
 Evidence that topic is understood
 Grammar, usage, and mechanics
 Punctuation and spelling
 Quality of writing
 Referencing style and in-text correct
 Quotations, authors, and footnotes
 Referencing style and in-text correct
 Reference list is correct
Evidence of Learning/Deliverables:
 Autocad drawings with Photoshop
 Booklet format
 Continuation of Format and Content
 Using the same organizational principles.
 Students will be required to verbally present the assignment.
Naming Conventions for Assignment Submission:
 All submitted assignments should be named in a similar fashion
 i) Course nr ii) quarter: iii) assignment type iv) student surname, name v)
student ID and vi) program of study
 Example:
 Please note, if a student’s work cannot be identified by the instructor, they
will receive 0% for the assignment. Students always need to follow the
naming convention when handing in assignments.

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