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English 201 Essay #3: Analyzing, Organizing, and Presenting Data   Unit Learning Outcomes:● Identify and organize patterns and themes that emerged from research and place in dialogue with existing scholarship;● Articulate findings and explain their relevance/significance to research question;● Organize work according to genre-specific organizational principles. Assignment: This assignment asks you to complete the Results section of your study. To do so, you will review your THREE interviews, transcribe them into Word documents, and code this information to determine themes relative to your research question. Once completed, you will write the Discussion and Conclusion to your study. In the Discussion section, you will synthesize primary and secondary research and interpret what you learned about your research question after completing the study. In the conclusion, you will address the key ideas/concepts from your Discussion to determine the value of these findings as related to your major/field of study.Genre and Purpose: Qualitative Research is an exploratory exercise, one that is based on first-hand experiences/relationships forged between the researcher and a small sample of participants. This process is designed to allow researchers the opportunity to gain an understanding of a specific group of people by allowing meaning to emerge from the interviewed participants. The information that is gained through the interviews will then be compared to the writer’s previous research (Literature Review) in order to support and/or challenge existing scholarship.Audience: As with most academic writing, the audience for this assignment includes classmates and the professor; however, what is distinct to this work is that it should be written with a community of peers in mind as well. Rather than addressing a large audience, students should write to other members of their major.Unit Success Criteria:Meets assignment expectations in response to prompt, word count, format:1,000 words minimum, format related to major/field of study (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, and Times New Roman font)Applies an understanding of genre conventions in development and organization. ResultsAll interviews are transcribed;All interviews are coded;Data is organized into two themes that relate to research question;Participant responses are organized and sequenced by paragraphs that respond to the research question.DiscussionExplain the significance of findings from the Results section;Place primary research (interviews) in context with secondary research (Literature Review);Develop an argument that explains and explores the new ideas that emerged from your study as related to the research question.ConclusionDetermine why your study mattered;Make clear central information, along with the value and significance of your findings, from conducted study; Offer possible new areas of study that relate to conducted work/area of research.Drafting Sequence, Due Dates, and Academic Labor:Initial 1st Draft:Instructor Conference (pre/post process journal entry): Revised 2nd Draft:Peer Workshop (pre/post process journal entry):Revised 3rd Draft and Unit ReflectionFinal Formatted Semester-Long Research Project Submission    Using the Writing Center:While you can use the Writing Center during any point of the brainstorming and writing process, in past semesters, writers working on this assignment have found it helpful to have sessions about:● Coding interviews to determine relevant themes;● Organizing and presenting participant responses;● Developing an argument that explains what study found;● Synthesizing, sequencing, and transitioning primary research with secondary research to support your argument;● Determining central concepts learned from your study and their subsequent value;● Considering possible next steps to this research.  CC By NC-SA 4.0 Pace University, Pleasantville 

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