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Intervention Case Study- Refer to Instruction and attachment


Paper #2 [30%] – Intervention Case Study- Students will develop a case study including information such as; client demographic, presenting issues/problems, relevant medical and mental health information, current/previous agency contacts and other relevant data.

The case study will be the basis for an assessment and case plan, including the principles of intervention with individuals and families. Providing rationale for selected theoretical perspectives, students will apply all components of intervention to the case study including engagement, assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation and termination. A concluding section should indicate areas where further information is needed, or other issues you would want to remain aware of if you were responsible for this case. Papers should include a case reflection section, intended for students to reflect upon the case study, development of intervention plans and potential impacts to their future professional selves.

Intervention case study papers should be approximately twelve pages in length (inclusive of case study, maximum 1.5 pages), exclusive of cover page and reference page. Include a minimum of 4 peer reviewed references and write in 12-point Times New Roman type, APA 7th edition. Due by midnight November 16, 2021.

Paper #2: Grading Rubrics

Grading Component                                                                                                               Points

impression of the client and the presenting problem, strengths and weaknesses, ecological considerations. 
Theoretical perspective is clearly indicated and applied in various ways throughout engagement, assessment and intervention.5
Principles of intervention with individuals and families are fully explored in the context of case study.6
Engagement and assessment tools are thoughtfully chosen and linked to client strength and empowerment.5
Interventions are thoughtfully chosen, linked to assessment and goals, and supported by the literature.5
The document reflects an understanding of various dimensions of diversity as they may apply to the engagement, assessment, goals, intervention, evaluation and termination.4
Minimum of four peer reviewed references.3
The document is well -written, uses nonjudgmental language, and demonstrates basic mastery of sentence structure, with no errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or typing.3
Quality and depth of reflection4

Total 40 marks = 30%

 Required Textbook(s):

Miley, K., O’Melia, M., & DuBois, B. (2017). Generalist social work practice: An empowering approach (8th ed.). Pearson Education. https://www.pearson.com/store/p/generalist-social-work- practice-an-empowering-approach/P100002432649/9780133948325

(Textbook is available in paperback, or via online options for download or rental)

Required Article(s):

Lynch, A., Newlands, F., & Forrester, D. (2019). What does empathy sound like in social work communication? A mixed‐methods study of empathy in child protection social work practice. Child & Family Social Work, 24(1), 139-147. https://doi- org.libproxy.uregina.ca/10.1111/cfs.12591

Hulko, W., Camille, E., Antifeau, E., Arnouse, M., Bachynski, N., & Taylor, D. (2010). Views of First Nation Elders on memory loss and memory care in later life. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 25(4), 317–342. https://doi-org.libproxy.uregina.ca/10.1007/s10823-010-9123-9

Muskat, B., Craig, S. L., & Mathai, B. (2017). Complex families, the social determinants of health and psychosocial interventions: Deconstruction of a day in the life of hospital social workers. Social Work in Health Care, 56(8), 765–778. https://doi.org/10.1080/00981389.2017.1339761

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