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Interview Analysis Assignment at an Affordable Cost

Canadian Perspectives 8 edition. THis can use as one of the
Case Study and Interview with Older Adult. Social structure, the distinctive, stable arrangement
of institutions whereby human beings in a society interact and live together.
( Students will select an older adult to interview and
discuss their experiences with aging. From the discussion in the interview, students will
determine the social structures and processes which have had influence on the individual’s
experiences with aging.
Students will describe how the identified social structures have impacted the aging experiences
of their interviewee, both positively and negatively. HINT: Social structures discussed in the
course include family, the education system, healthcare system, pensions and Canada’s social
safety net system, housing and congregate care systems, transportation, structures around
end-oflife planning. This is not exhaustive, and you may determine other structures that you
feel play a role in your interviewee’s life.
Through the questions you ask and the responses you receive, you will determine which ‘age’
the individual fits, whether their experiences with aging fit the norm of the identified age, and
what life course events influenced their experiences. The paper will divide itself into two partsthe interview and your analysis and interpretation of the material in the interview using the text
as a resource. For example, in the economics of aging unit it was presented that older women
are typically not as financially well off as men, largely due to the structure of the pension
systems in Canada. If you are interviewing an older woman who is financially well off, you may
want to explore why her situation is different and in your analysis consider what implications
this may have in terms of how she fits or does not fit with what the text and your other sources
tell you..
Another example: In the Healthcare unit it was presented that rural older adults have more
difficulty accessing healthcare. If you interviewed a rural older adult who had reasonable access
to health care, why is this so? Do they happen to live in a regional service centre? Are
inadequacies of local access compensated for by a very supportive family which transports
them to receive healthcare? What might be some policy suggestions that would arise from this
finding? For example, should there be a provincial family transport fund to which families could
apply to help offset the cost of transporting their older relative? It will be to your advantage to
complete the interview prior to the last class on Nov.4, and for PN students certainly before you
begin your clinical rotation. Either transcribe the content of the interview or summarize the
The introduction provides a concise description of the individual interviewed and the key
findings related to the social structures and processes influencing the individual’s process of
aging • Skilful arrangement of ideas and details contribute to a fluent discussion of the
interview, and the writer’s analysis and reflections related to the social structures and processes
discussed. • Ideas flow naturally and smoothly and reinforce and support the content •
Conclusion effectively summarizes the main ideas and creates a fitting ending to the paper • All
the assignment requirements are addressed
Case study (description and findings of the interview) provides a clear overview of the
interviewee’s circumstances in relation to the structures and processes selected. Four or five
structures and processes are addressed in detail • A detailed assessment of whether the
interviewee reflects/or not the structures and processes relative to the “age” (third or fourth)
and the life course events influencing their experiences is present and detailed. • Thoughtful
analysis and speculation of why or why not the interviewee varied from the normative related
to the social structures and processes is discussed and connected in an insightful manner, with
detailed personal interpretation

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