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Interview Coding Social Research Paper


Introduction: frame your sociological topic. If your codes explore different dimensions of covid experiences, or college experiences, or family dynamics, that will be your overall topic. Introduce the topic in a sociological way (ie, our relationships and institutional experiences shape identities and social dynamics).

Data: describe what kind of interview you conducted and how the questions related to your topic

Method: describe how you went about coding the interview data

  1. Analytic Code 1: Include quotes from the interview to illustrate the code
  2. Analytic Code 2: Include quotes from the interview to illustrate the code
  3. (Optional) Analytic Code 3: Include quotes from the interview to illustrate the code
  4. Conclusion: end by reflecting on the interviewing experience. For example: Was it awkward? Were you better at it than you expected? Were there questions you wish you had asked differently? Were there answers you wished you had followed up on?
  5. Keep in mind that the word “code” means something very different in qualitative research compared to quantitative. You want your codes here to be analytic in the sense that they point to causal relationships between experiences, roles, identities, processes, or institutions. 
  6. Too vague examples = “choosing a major”; “experiences in the dorm”; “family relationships”
  7. Too specific examples = “effects of playing tennis on relationship with brothers”; “friendship with dorm roommate causing change in major to psychology”

Just right examples = “sibling dynamics and choice of college”; “family structure and perspective on college”; “relationship to parent(s) and covid experiences”

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