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Introduction to Critical Thinking Assignment at an affordable cost


We often think we know something but then it turns out we are wrong. Could you be wrong in most of your beliefs about the external world? For example, you could be dreaming right now. Or perhaps you are a brain in a vat being poked by nefarious space scientists. Or you could be a disembodied soul, hallucinating about a life it once lived. One more possibility: you are connected to the Matrix and all of your experiences are the result of a complicated simulation developed by advanced artificial intelligence.

Given these skeptical scenarios, are you certain that you’re typing on your computer right now? Descartes says no, you can’t be certain about this sort of thing. On the other hand, G.E. Moore argues that you can know you have two hands and are at your computer, therefore you know that you aren’t in the Matrix.

Which view do you think is stronger? If you tend toward Descartes, how can you live your life without ever knowing if you’re being deceived? If you agree with Moore, how would you convince Descartes that you are right?