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Introduction to paper – Human resource

Instructionsquite an easy job for thiswrite a 1 page introduction executive summary (75 to 100 words) 200 words Introduction.
Essay paper is the final part of a 3 part assignment. suggest metrics and analytical tools for evaluating the HR Strategies proposed in previous assignment.
in past 2 assignments, we have highlight 1) HR issued faced by retail industry – mainly a) high turn over and employees disengagement b) technology and digitalization driven challenges c) employee theft
2) Solutions/ recommendation by retail industry – mainly a) focus on employee experience b) develop incentive program c) reporting system (whistle bowling)
I have attached in the attachment details of the issues and recommendation written in previous 2 assignment.
This final assignment focuses on metrics and evaluation of the strategies.
Therefore introduction needs to link back to issues (touch on briefly) and recommendations( give a bit more focus) and then give an insight to the remaining paper which is recommendation. (recommendation is done by my other classmates)

*Introduction (A hook that interests the reader; link to the results you achieved in Assignment 3) *

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