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Is google making us stupid?

Revision of Essay #2: Effect Essay

Due by 10 am on Monday, November 15th, 2021, to the Revision of Essay #2 Assignment drop-box in the Week 8 folder.  You will receive a separate grade for your revision.  Both grades received on this essay count toward your final WR 91 grade.

Revision Assignment Goals:

  • To practice revision strategies to improve an essay.
  • To add a college-level vocabulary word to your writing.
  • To integrate an appropriate quotation from the reading or TED Talk.
  • To receive support from our writing tutor.
  • To produce a properly-formatted college essay. 

Step-by-step Directions for Revision:

  1. First, open up your In-class Essay #2 and re-read it.  What jumps out right away that you’d like to change about your essay?  Make a list for later or just get started making changes. 
  • After receiving your graded essay back from me, read the feedback I embedded into your document.  Make sure you understand what I’m asking you to focus on and ask questions if you have them. 
  1. Add at least 1 vocabulary word from our “Google” vocabulary list, placing the word in the appropriate context.  Underline the word in your revised essay. 
  1. Add at least 1 quotation from the Google reading or the Adam Alter TED Talk discussed in our technology unit, using the quotation framing technique we learned about at the beginning of the term.  You should include a signal phrase, the quotation with a page number in parentheses directly after it, as well as an explanation of how the quotation connects to the point you raise in your essay.  
  1. After your tutoring session, do at least one more revision.  This will be the draft I grade.  When you have revised your essay and formatted it according the formatting guidelines below, submit your essay into the Week 8 drop-box.

**See next page for the formatting guidelines for this assignment.

How to properly format your Revision of Essay #2:

  • Revisions should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font, with regular margins.  Remember to save your revision as a separate Word document.
  • Format the heading on your Revision like this (without the box around it):

Your name

Instructor Coen

WR 91


On the center of the next line, your essay’s original title (regular font, not bold or underlined, no quotation marks)

Formatting, For Your Information:

This kind of heading formatting follows MLA (the Modern Language Association) style.  MLA is one of several research writing associations that set formatting and research guidelines for college students, professors, and research academics to follow.  (Learn more about MLA in your textbook, Ch. 54, p. 548, with a sample MLA paper, p. 588—look at the heading on this sample paper if you need another visual.)

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