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Argumentative Research Essay
10/9-Presentations due
10/19-Argumentative essay preliminary draft due
11/22-Argumentative research essay due
For our most extensive writing project of the semester, you will compose an
argumentative research essay, introducing a current issue or debatable topic to your
readers while trying to convince them that your view on the subject is a valid and
correct one. In order to accomplish this task, you should try to present your side of the
specific issue in a reasonable and thoughtful way and provide solid, reliable evidence
from authorities to prove your view. Please remember that an argumentative essay is a
type of persuasive essay. You are trying to convince your reader. Imagine your readers
are intelligent people who haven’t made up their minds about a specific issue. They
have not formed an opinion about the issue and will definitely look at both sides.
This project will not be due until late in the semester, but you will need to submit an
early, preliminary draft as a midterm, rough draft. This preliminary draft will not earn a
grade; however, if you do not submit this early draft, I will deduct 10 points from your
final draft of the argumentative research essay.
Preliminary draft topics and requirements
You are free to discuss any issue that falls under one of the following categories: Our
Relationship to the Earth; Laws, Freedoms, and Equality; Gender Roles or Education,
Language and Communication. Though I am allowing you to choose your own topic,
the more you can narrow down that subject the easier your job will be. As we have
discussed through the Purdue Owl readings, the broader your topic, the more you will
have to write to fully cover that topic. For example, it might take several hundred pages
to fully develop an argument on the importance of educational reform, but an essay that
argues for the need for year round schooling for HISD high school students could be
concisely expressed in less than a 1000 words.
If you have a problem deciding on an issue, please ask me and we can brainstorm about
possible suitable topics. I also suggest you read newspapers, magazines and blogs that
cover current events and cultural issues. Sometimes the first step in finding an issue is
as easy as coming to an opinion about a current news story.

  1. Within your essay, you must quote from one of the Writer’s Presence essays on the
    group presentation list.
    You have several options for how to do this. You may use the essay as a secondary
    source from which to quote at least once and perhaps summarize short passages. The
    essay can be cited as evidence (an authority, an example) that your side of the issue is
    correct. Or, the essay can be used as a source of information to define the issue. You
    might also consider using an essay, with which you disagree, as your main issue to
    argue. In this case, you will want to stay focused on the essay and the specific points it
    addresses in order to refute them.
  2. No matter how you use the WP essay, you must give credit to the author for words or
    ideas taken from that essay. Citing the essay within your text must be done using MLA
  3. If you wish to begin the research process early and you use any outside information
    or ideas besides the presentation essay, you must give credit to the source within the
    essay and list the author and publishing information on a work cited page.
  4. This early draft of the argumentative essay should be a minimum of 400 words and
    will be due 10/19. The preliminary draft does not need to contain outside research, but
    it must contain at least one quote from one of the WP essays on the group presentation
    list. I will allow a 4 day late grace period, deducting two points a day from the final
    grade of the argumentative essay. After this 4 day window closes, you will lose 10
    points from the final argumentative essay grade.
  5. Once I have had a chance to review your submission, you must go back to the
    assignment in Eagle, click on your submission and review the GradeMark notations as
    well as my comments. (Please note, I will not have time to correct every grammar/sentence
    structure problems, nor to rewrite sentences. It is your responsibility to review the corrections
    and look for similar problems in the rest of the essay.)
    Argumentative Research Essay Requirements (final draft)
    After viewing my comments and suggestions on your preliminary draft, you should
    begin thinking about revising, transforming and expanding this early draft into a
    focused and complete researched argumentative essay. You will still be arguing that
    your ideas are valid and correct, but now you will use relevant and reliable sources to
    help prove the assertions. You should definitely incorporate the rewriting suggestions I
    made on the early draft. You now have further time and space to fully explore the
    debatable issue, but your own thesis must still be specific, unified, and significant.
    The focus of your research will greatly depend on the issue you are arguing. Some
    places to start looking for your secondary sources are: HCC library’s online databases
    and books on your topic. You still must use one of the group presentation essays as one
    of your sources. Do not feel that all your research and sources have to prove your point
    of view. You might, in fact, want to use a source with which you disagree to see what
    kind of counter arguments have been made about your issue. Your essay will have a
    greater appeal to your audience if you can show yourself to be fair and open-minded
    about the issue. Try to acknowledge and then refute the opposition. Try to avoid
    fallacies. Please review the Owl pages on writing an argument.
  6. The essay must be a minimum of 950 words, double spaced, and must include a
    work cited page as its last page. The essay should be turned into the Eagle/Turnitin
    submission folder. (You are welcome to change your subject matter focus from the preliminary
  7. The argumentative research essay must contain data, quotations and/or
    summarization of ideas from at least two relevant and reliable published sources, as
    well as quotations from one of the WP group presentation essays. One of your found
    sources must be from a book from the library or a published article that you found on
    the library databases. The second source does not have to be from a book or published
    article from the library databases, but it must be from a published, reliable source.
    Simply googling the issue will not give you a reliable source. You must spend time
    evaluating your sources. Since almost all sources will have a small to large amount of
    bias about a topic, try to vary the kinds of sources you use, and try to use some sources
    that are relatively objective.
  8. You are using sources to prove your opinion is a valid, correct one, but please do not
    let your outside sources overwhelm your essay. It is still your view and ideas that are of
    primary importance.
  9. The essay and work cited page must follow the MLA guidelines for style.
  10. The argumentative research essay due to its Eagle folder at 9 p.m on 11/22. No late
    essays accepted after 12/3 at 11:00 p.m.

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