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Jacob Lawrence Self Portrait of 1977 Discussion


Choose one image from the following page, and in a paragraph, discuss how the artist used the elements and principles of art. Remember, you can’t talk about the principles without talking about elements. Make sure you include both in your answer. Then, write a paragraph about how you feel about the piece you chose: Do you like it? Why? (be specific) Does it evoke particular feelings?

Which do you like better? Why? If you could own one, which would it be? Why?

Keep it simple using simple words that are clear and concise.

Chapter 4: The Elements of Art: Line (contour, direction, implied),

Shape/Mass (implied shapes, 2-D, 3-D, Geometric, organic, figure/ground),

Light (modeling, value, chiaroscuro, hatching, pointillism/stippling),

Color (primary, secondary, intermediate, warm, cool, tint, shade, chroma, palette, monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triadic, restricted or open palette, pointillism, optical color mixture, emotion), Texture and Pattern(actual/visual texture),

Space (3-D, placement, linear perspective, foreshortening, isometric perspective, atmospheric perspective), Time and Motion(Kinetic)

Principles: Unity (visual and conceptual) and Variety(differences),

Balance (symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial, central axis, focal point, golden mean, visual weight),

Emphasis and Subordination (focal point),

Scale (relation to standard or normal, hierarchical) and Proportion (relationships between unit/whole, Squared grid),

Rhythm (repetition of elements)

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