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Job posting assignment at an affordable cost


Please follow the instruction I provide in the files, and only do :Job Specifications (Qualifications and Requirements) – 

Performance standards-

 Accessibility Reference – 

The job I choose is guest services Manager/Night managers, here is an example:https://ca.indeed.com/m/viewjob?jk=aa6e730b89985077&from=serp

Recruitment Assignment Description
This assignment asks students to envision an organizational culture and employer brand for a fictional company. Students
will work together in groups of two to create a job posting and marketing material to promote their company and entice
Centennial College hospitality students to apply for a position with their company.
Steps 1 to 3: Pre-Recruitment Planning
In a real workplace, there is some planning required before a Human Resources Manager can begin the recruitment
process. Steps 1 to 3 of this assignment are exactly that – planning. You will not submit any work for steps 1 to 3.
However, these steps must be completed first, in order for you to be able to complete the remaining parts of the
Step 1 – Employer Overview
You will be provided with a brief description of the type of company you have been assigned. Your job is to use your
imagination to add detail and give your company a name and a “personality”. Write a one paragraph overview or
description of your company as an employer. Centennial College students have never heard of your company, so be sure
to include the company name (create a fictional name), information about the culture of the company, what it is like to
work there and what you are offering to attract hospitality students to come and work for you. Remember – you are
competing against your classmates to attract talented students to join your team, so make your employer description
sound enticing!
Step 2 – Job Analysis
Conduct a job analysis for your assigned position. What duties and responsibilities are required of the position? What
knowledge, skills and experience are they required to possess? Do they require any specific physical capabilities or must
they meet certain performance standards? Refer to Module 6: Job Analysis for help.
Step 3 – Employee Value Proposition
Decide what you are going to offer that will provide value to your employees and attract students to your position.
Remember – you are trying to attract Centennial College hospitality students to come and work for you… What types of
benefits and perks would they like to receive? What type of environment would they like to work in? What can you offer
that would be of value to them? What would entice them to choose to work with your company instead of a competitor?
Be creative, but realistic and remember that some of offerings will cost your company money, but some will not.
Remember – You do not have to submit any work for Steps 1 to 3. This work simply prepares you to create your assignment in Steps 4 to 6.
Recruitment Assignment
Steps 4 to 6: Recruitment Execution
Now that you have completed your planning, you are ready to begin recruiting!
Step 4 – Job Posting (1 to 2 page Word document or PDF)
Create a job posting that you will use to advertise your position. You are welcome to include logos or other graphics to
convey your employer brand. Your posting should include the following components:
 Overview of Employer – this is the paragraph you wrote in Step 1
 Summary of Job – two or three sentences that briefly summarize the position and how it fits into the
 Job Duties and Responsibilities – you determined these as part of your Job Analysis in Step 2
 Job Specifications (Qualifications and Requirements) – also determined in Step 2
 Performance Standards – also determined in Step 2
 Accessibility Reference – According to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA, Module 3), all
job postings must offer to provide accommodation to candidates during the recruitment process. Please refer to
Module 3 for more information on accessibility statements on job postings. You may copy an accessibility
statement from the AODA website and include it at the bottom of your job posting.
 Submit job posting to the Recruitment Assignment folder in eCentennial.
Step 6 – Marketing Piece (format of your choosing)
Now that you’ve come up with a great employee value proposition, you need to “sell” it to your candidates. This
marketing piece can take any form. You may wish to create an Instagram post, web page or Power Point slide.
Alternatively, you could create a video* or advertisement that you could broadcast at the Centennial College Career Fair,
email out to students or post on TikTok. Whichever format you choose, your marketing piece should:
 Promote your company as a great employer
 Attract Centennial College students to apply for your position
 It should advertise your employee value proposition (why would a student want to work for you?)
 Convey your employer brand image. Refer back to Module 4: Employer Branding. Make sure the graphics and
images in your poster reflect your employer brand.
 Submit your marketing piece to the Recruitment Assignment folder in eCentennial.

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