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John F Kennedy History Discussion


John F. Kennedy’s presidency is seen as lost potential and a modern-day Camelot. Is that a fair assessment, considering his accomplishments, mistakes, and policies, or is JFK’s legacy overblown? Why?(300 words)

Remember to respond to two (2) other classmates. Let’s have a lively discussion!(100 words each)


Despite his mistakes such as the incident in the Bay of pigs and not doing much for Civil Rights, he still made accomplishments such as having the Soviet Union back away from Cuba and dismantling their missiles; he also continued with the space program and challenged NASA to send a man on the moon. Furthermore, he gaved a raise in minimum wage, while it was not much it was still better; he also gave us peace corps, which is still around today. In my thoughts, he accomplished a lot and did many things in just three years. I woud say that if he were still around and had the chance to be reelected again, he would of continued making changes, hopefully good ones, but sadly, we won’t ever know.

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I do see why John F. Kennedy’s presidency was seen as a modern-day camelot. I wouldn’t say that his presidency was lost potential. It was devestating knowing that JFK was assasinated. JFK accomplished many things during and after his presidency. He managed to improve the U.S. economy (known as “New Frontier”). He also established Peace Corps, this program allowed American volunteers to help out underdeveloped countries with education and much more. JFK being the youngest person to be president in the U.S. helped people feel more connected towards the presidency. John F. Kennedy accomplish so much for himself at a young age, and all of it was out of being selfless. He became president of the U.S.A at the young age of 43, he was awarded the Navy and Marine Coprs Medal, and he made sure everyone got the help they needed even in other countries ( like I previously stated). His potential was not lost and here is why. Even though he unfortunately did die, JFK shaped the way the country viewed presidents for the future. The people will never forget his selfless actions, and they will feel more encouraged to listen to what younger people have to say as far as making laws for the country. His legacy in my opinion will never be overblown, he did so much for the people around him and for the future of our country. 

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