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John Kennedy American Liberalism Discussion


John F. Kennedy’s presidency is seen as lost potential and a modern-day Camelot. Is that a fair assessment, considering his accomplishments, mistakes, and policies, or is JFK’s legacy overblown? Why? (300 words)

Remember to respond to two (2) other classmates. Let’s have a lively discussion! (100 words each)


I believe that the loss of president Kennedy is a loss of potential for America. While JFK did not do a lot of political work, he was still yound and attempting to change a lot of things around for america such as the development of the space program and domestic as well as international affairs. Im sure that president kennedy would have been able to come up with some wonderful ideas to help america grow and achive greater things then what we have achived already. I feel that President Kennedy’s entire term was nothing but a “what if” type of situation, where most people wonder what whould have been if he never got assasinated.


FK was a youthful, compelling, and charismatic leader compared to many of the men who held the oval office until his inauguration. Some of the initiatives undertaken during his presidency included the Peace Corps, foreign assistance to developing countries, and additional resources for the space program. He called for “real peace” between the USA and the Soviet Union in another speech. This speech was warmly received by the Russian leader.

No, I don’t see his legacy as overblown since he saved the world by preventing a nuclear holocaust in 1962.

Nevertheless, in his short presidency, JFK failed to obtain the passage of any significant civil rights legislation. He failed to obtain passage of legislation to fight poverty on a grand scale. The most egregious failing of Kennedy’s presidency would have to be his failure to back Cuban rebels who attempted to destroy Castro’s rule during the Bay of Pigs invasion. The failure of the CIA operation, as a result of Kennedy’s failure to offer air assistance, resulted in a loss of American prestige and enhanced Castro’s position as a leader of the people who stood up to American aggression.

JFK’s presidency has a very mixed record. Perhaps, if JFK had been in office longer, he would have accomplished much more. It is hard to know.

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