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Victorian Religion (Jude the Obscure)


Please Follow these instructions carefully. Create a fifteen-minute oral presentation using multimedia elements. Your main task with the presentation is to teach the class about some element of the social, historical, and/or cultural context of our week’s text in a way that helps us understand that text more deeply. In order successfully to complete the assignment, you will need to achieve each of the following: 1) Explain how and why this topic is relevant to the text. 2) Give a clear yet detailed account of your topic. 3) Explain how knowing about your topic helps us gain a better understanding of the text.4) Do some research;  use reliable outside sources for your presentation and hand in a bibliography. Please use correct punctuations and spelling. NO PLAGIARISM. Also a reminder go back to the description to make sure haven’t left anything out and don’t forget to add the pictures the multimedia elements. I need this to be great!! My teacher is very picky.  Please reach out if you have any questions thanks

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