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Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain Essay


Please answer the two questions using the text that has been provided for each question. Please only use the sources provided and no other outside or online sources. Please make sure that the response is at least 6 pages in total (about 3 pages for each question), double spaced. Make sure that you place your discussion of these topics within a historical context. Make references to the reading (mostly to the primary sources), but do not be afraid of being creative. What is expected is a serious critical evaluation of the material. Please include some quotes from the readings as well. Also include a bibliography page of the two sources I attached. Thank you

Question 1: What was the social structure of Spain around 1500? What were the social orders? How a

society of orders was being transformed by commerce and wealth. Provide an outline and in

detail discuss one of the following: 1. The peasantry; 2) urban dwellers; 3) the nobility; 4) the clergy; 5) marginal groups

(For this question refer to chapters 1-3 of Spanish Society)

Question 2: How were festivals deployed in Spanish society for hegemonic purposes? How were they

scripted? How did festivals evolve from the late Middle Ages into the early modern period?

What do these changes tell you about the nature of power? Make reference to the documents

on the web site (the biography of Pero Niño, Manrique’s poem), to the lectures and the

chapters in Spanish Society On festivities

(look at Spanish society chapters on festivals/festivities; chapters 5 and 6. and command f: Manrique. Also look at document “Manrique ten centuries of Spanish poetry”)

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