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Submission details:

  • The deadline for submission into registry is on the Hand in Date shown on the Feedback sheet (1st Page)
  • Students are to submit in Moodle before the deadline
  • Students must submit before 16.00. Any assessments brought after 16.00 will not be accepted

Key Skills: The key skills addressed through this assessment are logical reasoning, analysis, evaluating, synthesis, learning and study, structure and consistency.

Harvard Referencing: Complete reference list which MUST conform to the Harvard System of Referencing must be included at the end of your assignment and in text citations where appropriate. A penalty will be applied if the references/citations are not included!

Learning Outcomes covered (based on Module Specification):

  • Understand and critically reflect upon the theoretical foundations and central principles that underpins the operation of the contemporary laws of contract and torts within social, economic, political and business context;
  • Develop the ability to use relevant information to understand how the laws of contract and torts operate and to apply their understanding through analysing problem based practical scenarios.
  • Communicate effectively and accurately the content of legal principles and advice based upon the application of those principles in an appropriate written format.

ASSESSMENT – PORT1 (30 % weighting of the overall grade)

Brad Smith and Angelica Jones are two very popular UK reality TV stars and their wedding, tonight, is big business for the entertainment press but its location, time and guest list have been kept secret.

About a week ago, their agent contacted two leading magazines (Aloha! and UK People News) to sell exclusive rights to the highest bidder to photograph the wedding reception. For this purpose, they had the magazine’s representative sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

The exclusive rights were finally granted to Aloha! Magazine for £1,000,000.

However, about an hour ago, some guests spotted a small drone hovering around the reception venue, taking pictures and/or video of the event. The drone came so low at one point that Brad Smith was able to read “UK People News” on the drone’s haul.

The couple’s agent just called your supervisor and wants to act against the UK People News to prevent the publication of any images from the wedding reception in their next issue, which is due to come out in two days and/or to obtain financial compensation (damages).

Your supervisor asks you to:

1 – Identify and outline the key issues at stake

2 – Identify and discuss the various recourses available

3 – List authorities (case law) and indicate how they are relevant to the key issues at stake and/or the recourses available

4 – Recommend a course of action and indicate the likely outcome.

Guidance notes:

Prepare a report to include the following (each part carries equal weighting 20% each):

  1. Outline the key issues at stake.
  2. identify and explain the various recourses available
  3. Provide legal references and explain how they are relevant to this particular case.
  4. Suggest a course of action indicate the likely outcome.
  • The report must be 1,200 words in length, with equal weighting between parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. 
  • Each part should be approximately 300 words. 
  • Part 1)
    • In this section of the report you should outline the key issues at stake
  • Part 2)
    • In this section you should identify and explain the various recourses available
  • Part 3)
    • In this section you should include all your legal references and discuss how they are relevant to this particular case
  • Part 4)
    • In this section, you should recommend a course of action and indicate the likely outcome.
  • Marks will be allocated as follows:
    • Structure, presentation (including grammar and spelling), introduction and referencing – 20%
    • Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 – 20% each

The report should be appropriately referenced using Harvard referencing, and a reference list provided at the end of the report. If references are not readily available online, a copy of the reference material used should be provided. You are required to have at least 5 clearly distinct case references. A penalty will be applied for missing citations/references; and/or not meeting the word count.
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