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Review the initial posts of at least two of your peers (CHECK UPLOADED FILES), addressing the following “Stop/Start/Continue” feedback questions: 
Stop: What are the leadership skills and behaviors the learner has selected that you recommend be stopped, i.e., not pursued? Provide the rationale as to why you believe a leadership skill they have selected may not be the most appropriate focus area based on your review of the employee engagement survey results. If you don’t identify any leadership behavior focus area to stop, then how would you suggest one or more of the targeted leadership behavior areas be modified to better address the outcome desired? 
Start: What leadership skills and behaviors do you recommend the learner add as a focus area? Provide the rationale for your recommendation as well as one to two suggested ways this leadership skill/behavior could be targeted for improvement. 
Continue: For the recommendations that the learner has made that you fully agree with, provide commentary as to why you believe the selected leadership skills and behaviors area is appropriate to be addressed. 

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