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Leading Reflective Practices in Education

Assignment 1 (1000 Words)

  1. Select the Kolb, Gibbs, or
    Schonn model – this means you can choose one of these models.
  2. Utilize the model chosen by you
    to reflect upon up to 3 hours of professional practice on any given day of
    work. I will outline the examples below as per each model.
  3. Make sure you document the
    process and any data you use. This means any notes you make, anything you write
    down, any type of ‘evidence’ you use.
  4. After 24 hours of doing step 2,
    write regarding your
    experience in using this model that you selected.
  5. Include references only if

Assignment 2 (1000 Words)

Refer the lecture section
regarding Personal Development Planning – PDP

Brainstorm what you would like
to address via your PDP

Think about what you want
to improve in your own practice as a professional in the education sector

Note down/document your
brainstorming. Write down a draft topic or
theme regarding your PDP.