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English paper Tahnehisi’s “Letter to My Son.”

Over the next 3 days, you will write your Engagement Paper.
According to Miriam Webster’s Dictionary: the definition of
“engagement” is to be involved. In this Engagement Paper, you will
demonstrate your understanding of how you have been involved in the
course’s material. Over the past week, we examined the concept of
“The Curse of Knowledge” and Consumption. In addition, in the past
2 weeks we also examined Tahnehisi’s “Letter to My Son.” This paper
will allow you to connect the information from all three.
How much is this paper worth?
125 points ( draft 80) final (45)
How long is this paper?
3 to 4 pages
What is the structure?
12pt font/Times New Roman font
You need a:
Cover page
Reference page
Double spaced
Engagement Paper:
Introduction: 10 points
● Is this a Curse, Consumption or Both?
● Is the Body a mechanism for consumption, part of the curse or something
● In what ways do you nourish your body?
If I was writing an
introductory paragraph
for Malcolm X’s
Learning to Read.
Using our sample
questions. I may start
off this way…
In America, illiteracy is one of the dividing factors in
socio-economic status. In Malcolm X’s excerpt “Learning
to Read” this seemed more of a blessing he consumed
while being in prison. However, Frederick Douglas felt
Learning to Read felt like a Curse because he now
understood some things–he could do nothing about. In
my perspective, learning to read is both: a curse and
consumption tied together.
Engagement Paper Due Friday 10/8/2021 11:59pm
How is this paper divided?
This paper is divided in 4 parts: 20 points

  1. Consumption: After reading “Letter to my Son” what are some
    areas of the text that demonstrates Tahnehisi’s consumption?
    What did he consume? Use your notes (lines that resonated
    with you or just facts) that you have identified in this text?
    Identify 5 to 6 lines and explain your reasoning.
  2. The Curse of Knowledge: Do you think Tahnehisi was impacted
    or influenced by the Curse of Knowledge? If you answer Yes,
    you need to explain and give 4 examples. If you answer No,
    you need to explain and give 4 examples. If you say Yes and
    No, give 2 examples explaining both yes and no. 20 points
    4C Curse of knowledge
    What changes does
    Tahnehisi has to
    make because of
    what he knows or has
    What challenges
    has he had to
    What curiosities
    are presented
    What choices does the
    writer asks the reader
    to take?
  3. The Critical Inquiry (Questions for the Author) What are four
    questions would you ask Tahnehisi Coates? Identify four
    questions that you want to ask Tahnehisi directly.. 10 points
  4. The Reflection:After learning, discussing, presenting, and
    reading about: The Curse of Knowledge, Consumption and
    Letter to my son–
    ● What have you consumed as a reader or writer?
    ● Have you been impacted by The curse of knowledge yes
    or NO? Explain your answer.
    ● What Personal connections do you have to the “Letter to
    My Son.” (2 or 3 examples) 20 points

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