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Levels of Poverty and Inequality in Sri Lanka Paper


You are working for a development agency and your boss has asked that you help her understand the levels of poverty and inequality in the country you are working on. After doing the research below, you write a memo to your boss. If you are unfamiliar with this genre please refer to resources of the HWC (Links to an external site.).


Choose two different measures of poverty appropriate for your country over time (for example, the headcount ratio at $1.90/day, and the multidimentional poverty headcount ratio are standard measures, and the Gini coefficient to measure inequality. The World Bank has good data on poverty measures at

Your report, which is not to exceed three paragraphs of narrative in addition to the graphics, should include:

1. graphs of the two poverty measures of your country compared to a reference country(s) of similar GNI per capita (your country and the reference country should be on the same graph) and a graph of inequality (Gini) compared to a reference country(s) Each graph should be original. Make it yourself using Excel from downloaded data. Again, we are interested only in the period beginning in 1990 and running for as long as data are available for each indicator.

If you are unfamiliar or rusty with making graphics from data in Excel, a tutorial is available here Excel Quick and Simple Charts Tutorial. The instructor will provide more in-depth resources on Excel upon request. Please let the instructor know as early as possible during the semester if the use of Excel will pose a major issue for you.

Do not copy and paste a graph made elsewhere or use a graph making tool on a web site. The graphs should also be professionally presented, clearly labeled, and properly cited. As noted in the guidance, all graphs should be of the same type (e.g., bar chart, line diagram), unless the student justifies following a different approach in the narrative.

2. Central Issue: Is the poverty and/or inequality level in your country high? Note that the question necessarily implies a reference – high compared to what. That is why you have a reference country – for context. You will need to explain you would or would not consider it high as compared to its peers.

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