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Life Cycle paper Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Erikson once commented that the developing personality “can be said to develop according to steps predetermined in the human organism’s readiness to be driven toward, to be aware of, and to interact with a widening social radius, beginning with the dim image of the mother and ending with an image of mankind.”  These steps correspond to the nine “Stages” in his well-known model of development. In each stage the person encounters, and hopefully masters, new challenges, with each stage building on the successful completion of earlier stages. 

Using Erik Erikson’s model of development, select one stage of development that you have passed through for discussion in this assignment:

  1. Identify the stage that you have selected, and briefly (in about one page) discuss why you selected this stage. (10 %) [Heading: Life Cycle Stage]
  2. In no more than four pages, discuss Erikson’s conceptualization of this stage of development including elements of positive as well as less successful outcomes.  Reflect on, as you discuss with examples from your own life, the struggles between the challenges and successes of this stage. In other words operationalize Erikson’s conceptualization by demonstrating, with examples, reflecting on and analyzing the outcome as they have played out in your life. (40%) [Heading: Application of Erikson]
  3. How have your experiences, and your growing understanding of your experiences, offered you an opportunity to empathize with clients?  (10%) [Heading: Empathy]

Your discussion in this essay must be supported by social work professional literature; use at least five sources. Use APA 7th ed. style in the text and reference page. The paper should be no more than 4 to 5 pages in length, plus a reference page, double-spaced using a 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman. 

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