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Literature Search Rapid Critical Appraisal and Summary

For this assignment you will use the Quantitative article I’m going to be providing you to answer the following PICOT question: In aged individuals (P) newly identified with type 2
diabetes, how does team-based care (I) as compared to self-management care (C)
influence the reduction of A1c levels (O) within the four to six months of
diagnosis (T)?
The Qualitative article that you will look for must answer the PICOT question: Will type 2 diabetic patients (P) who participate in
complete educational programs (I) including in-person diet and exercise
counseling versus medical treatment (C) have a decrease in the exacerbation of
type 2 diabetes (O) over
the course of six months (T)?. The qualitative article for you to find is to be submitted. This one must be current (within the last 5 years). All articles must be related to the field of nursing and related to the topic.
I will be providing a sample paper to serve as a guide
Write a summary (one to two pages)
In the summary identify differences in article designs and research methods. Describe the differences in your articles designs and methods. Carefully review the rubric before you submit. This summary is using your own words to examine the differences specifically between the articles.
Use current APA style for your summary paper and to cite your sources (the articles)
Submit the Articles and the summary
Be sure to follow the rubric

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