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Low Incidence Disabilities Discussion Assignment at an affordable cost


 utilize the and PaTTAN material shared within the module.  You will create the current year’s timeline from identification/registration to final upload of all testing materials.  You will identify the 6 statements for eligibility and explain how your ‘student’ (can use a student from your observation or a student from a previous experience) meets the criterion.  You will then select the correct tier for ELA, Math, and Science (if applicable) and support your decision based on current academic achievement.  Include one Alternate Standard for ELA, Math, and Science (if applicable) that would be a part of your student’s IEP.  Write an observable and measurable goal based on that standard.

Review the eligibility criteria for qualification.

You will navigate through the page 

and attachments to explore the alternate eligible content (what it is 

and how it should be utilized) and the essentialized examples hope these websites help. 

Use this student:John Doe is a third-grade student that receives full-time support in a life skills classroom. He has three diagnoses; intellectually disabled, speech impairment, and occupational therapy. He receives OT once a week for 30 minutes and speech two times a week for 15 minutes each. John Doe is very limited with his verbal communication. He mainly uses hand gestures, sounds, and sign language to communicate his needs and wants. John Doe is currently working on identifying 13 letters and letter sounds and identifying numbers 1-10. He does go with a regular education class for recess, lunch, and specials (art, music, gym, library, and computer time.) He has a half-day (3 hours a day) CPA that accompanies him when he is pushed out. At the beginning of the school year, John Doe exhibited violent behavior to others. He was having difficulty transitioning from place to place and activity to activity. John Doe has an FBA and is now doing better with these behaviors. It was concluded that being home for 1.5 years because of covid had made John Doe digress back to old behaviors from when he started school.