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View the film Magic in the Sky

View the film Magic in the Sky (57 minutes) and answer the following questions. Your text will help you develop and support your ideas.

MACS 130 Video Response # 1

View the film Magic in the Sky (57 minutes) and answer the following questions.  Your text will help you develop and support your ideas. 

  1. Based on its mandate in the Broadcasting Act, why do you think that the CBC (and by extension the Federal Government) supported the Inukshuk project? (10 points)
  • What do you see as the key argument against the Inuit peoples accepting TV that was presented in the film? What was the key argument in favour? Critique them.  (20 points)
  • Using our lectures and text, explain how the Television, as presented in the film, “shrinks space through time”? Also explain how, as used in the film, TV could be seen to have a “time” bias. (20 points)

Do not include your name on this document. Student # only please!

You can simply cut and paste the question (or copy it out) into your document and then answer it after that. Please answer in complete sentences (12 pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced. You do NOT have to double space the questions, just your responses) and make sure you address all components of the question. Be thorough in your answers without fluffing them up. Use examples from the film and anecdotal examples from real life where applicable as you need to support your positions. Your text is a valuable resource!! If you say “I think “A” rather than “B”, tell me why you support A with evidence and support but also why you do not support B or feel that it doesn’t apply. Include a title page with your class (MACS 130 AB1 or ON1), my name, assignment name (Written Assignment #1), your Student #, and due date. If you are taking a direct quote from the textbook you can simply include the page # after the quote. For example: … Canada approaches media with an understanding that it is “a vital link in how we both see and understand our relationships with our society and culture” (p. 31). If quoting from the movie simply indicate in the sentence and use “ “ on the directly quoted portion. DO NOT, however, USE GOOGLE FOR ANY INFORMATION TO USE WITH YOUR ANSWERS. Everything that you need to answer these questions is in the film or in your textbook. Yes, your textbook will be an invaluable resource as well. If you draw in material or ideas from outside of those 2 sources, you will get a score of ZERO. I don’t even care if you properly cite it. No outside material is required or permitted so DO NOT DO IT. I want YOU to watch and read and then apply that to your responses demonstrating to me that you understand the material and are able articulate it to me in your words.

BE AWARE OF PLAGIARISM!!! THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE. If unsure, please ask for help. Submit your final paper in Blackboard by 5pm on October 25th. Please single space the questions but double space your responses.

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