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Management Human Resource Development Essay


You were highly recommended by a friend who uses Studypool. I have a Human Resource Development (HRD) paper that’s due on Sunday night and I require your “assistance”. The details are as follows:

The HRD project paper is a twopart paper: Part 1 will be to design an HRD program in the three HRD areas of Figure 1.1, McLagan’s human resource wheel. To frame your program, your paper should begin with identifying the organization’s industry and its business strategy t o frame the plan. It is not expected that you will develop the training/development materials nor implement the project, but will provide a thorough argument for the approach and activities included. In Part 2, you will document how you will evaluate your program using Kirkpatrick’s fourlevel taxonomy (Figure 7.1). These are also included on the last pages of this syllabus.The paper will be prepared in Word and adhere to APA style and formatting. You will submit your paper (10-12 pages, not including cover, reference pages, or appendix)

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