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Management practice of Culture assignment at an affordable cost


QUESTION: You are the CEO of an organisation and have been given permission to design it as you think fit. In this essay, present a clear argument for the management practice you would employ. You should focus your discussion on one of the following management practices from Module 3: Culture, Power, Communication or Innovation & Change. You should also consider the type of organisation(s) in your response. In doing so, you will need to critique the practice(which means to analyse the various approaches, benefits and limitations) drawing on your research knowledge gained from this subject and contemporary, real life examples.
OBJECTIVES: This assessment relates to the following subject learning objectives:1. apply critical and analytical thinking, including a capacity to question existing practices and assumptions, to the study of management and organisations2. evaluate the theoretical foundations of the fields of management and organisational studies; contextualise contemporary managerial practices in the light of this theory3. explore management and organisational problems and issues relevant to organisations operating in a global and diverse workplace.

Management Practice: CULTURE
Essay structure should be written as that the writer is analysing management practices (as a CEO) that are most suitable for a “large organisation” so that the writer can use Real life examples to discover.

I would like the essay (structure) to be written as (body paragraph):
– Support theory of Edgar Schein’s Model of organisational culture
(can possibly talk about what approaches the CEO would use at each level to improve the culture in the organisation)
– Disagree with Hofestede Cultural Dimensions Theory
= Mentioning various practices that may be more suitable in a certain context to argue as why my chosen practice is the most suitable one for my organisation.

– Microsoft (as a real life example); analysing the recent change of their culture made by Satya Nadella & how has that benefitted / limitated the organisation.
– Focusing on own argument based off these theories & Microsoft

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