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Comparison of International Teams

At the end of Chapter 14 in our textbook (Levi and Askay, 2021), there is an activity: Evaluating a Team’s Culture and Cultural Context. The activity is based on the assumption that there are four dimensions where teams vary from culture to culture. Please have a team discussion and analyze your class team with regard to these four variables. Once you come to some conclusionsabout your class team, please have a second discussion about a work team in India. Please discuss in the presentation the results of these two analyses and the comparison of the teams. Do you agree with Levi and Askay (2021) that these are the correct dimensions to assess team culture? What is missing? How would a manager use this information?

Specific Instructions:

  1. As a group, discuss requirements above.
  2. Develop power points. You power pointsshould contain about 8-10 slides (excluding the cover page, agenda, introduction, conclusion and reference page(s))
  3. Due: No later than the last day of Module 7 at 11:00 PM, EST.

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