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Management & Psychology Discussion


In a few sentences, please respond to each of the following questions. Up to 10 points can be earned for a completed assignment, with partial credit available for incomplete responses.

  • Define the following self-presentation tactics: self-promotion; self-verification; ingratiation; self-depreciating. Which of these tactics do you believe would be most ideal when it comes to others forming an impression of us? Support your response.
  • Define the term introspection. What does this term mean to you? Discuss an example of how this process might impact your life, and discuss why it is relevant to the study of social psychology
  • Discuss several variables that might influence our social identity. Do you believe this identity will change over time? Why or why not? Support your response
  • Define the term self-esteem.Discuss the Rosenberg self-esteem scale and how it is used to assess self-esteem.
  • Discuss the benefits of high self-esteem and what discuss what kinds of variables might influence our level of self-esteem
  • If you were responsible for designing a measure of self-esteem, what would it look like and what traits would you focus on for this measuerement? Support your response 

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