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Manifestations of Masculinity Summary


As you read, pay attention to different manifestations of masculinity. How did different groups of American men express their manhood? How did different ideas about masculinity influence American culture and society during the peak years of plantation slavery?

Write a 300-word paragraph summary of the text, connecting the information to the theme(s). Be sure to address the full scope of the text, not just a section. It also is important to avoid plagiarism by appropriately and adequately summarizing the key information in your own words.

When developing your summary, make sure to include and interact with “gender,” “race,” “class,” and “culture,” as well as the historical information.

Chapter 8 section:

8. The Decline of Northern Slavery and the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom

Chapter 11 sections:

11. Cotton and Slavery

11. Religion and Honor in the Slave South

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