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Marketing Case Study Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Each question consists of four equally graded components: Case Data used, Course Content used/accuracy, Recommendation, Professionalism (follow the instructions for formatting and presentation.)

Answer the following questions in essay format. The paper should be 12 point font, single-spaced, and Times New Roman. No page limits, however, 2-3 pages is ideal (plus exhibits).

Group Case Questions:

  1. You are in charge of Netflix’s expansion to India. Design an IMC plan on how to enter the Indian market. Use case data and course content to develop a creative and strategic solution for Netflix to enter the emerging market.
  2. Great job on the expansion to India. Management is so impressed that they decided to put you in charge of the company’s Marketing Communication Department. Provide an analysis of the company’s strategy, followed by recommendations on how Netflix could improve its Marketing Communication strategy as a whole.

*** I have attached a copy of the file. No references are needed this is an opinion-based marketing case study.***

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