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Yoga Assignment at an Affordable Cost


Create at minimum a 10 asana yoga sequence following the 5 stages of framework.  Choose a specific anatomical focus or health condition as a theme to guide you in designing your sequence.  You might choose an anatomical focus such as hips, or hamstrings….a health condition such as stress, anxiety, insomnia etc.  Let your theme reflect the choices you make in your sequence. You will refer to your yoga framework handout as a guide and any of your course work along with conducting your own research relevant to your topic.Please follow the steps listed below to include in your paper. The rubric is available for you to view so you are clear on how this is graded. Here are the components to be addressed in your sequence:1. Identify the theme of your sequence and explain why you choose this theme and how yoga may help2. Share one specific type pranayama (intentional breathing) technique at the beginning of your sequence.      a. Explain how to perform it     b. Explain why you find it beneficial3. Under each framework heading (5) please list the asana (poses) you chose and share the following:     a.  Give the name of the pose and share a relevant piece of information as to what this pose may benefit or why you chose it.  You can include how you feel in the pose.  What is your rationale?  Be specific.      DO NOT EXPLAIN HOW TO DO THE POSE!
4 In your final CLOSURE piece of framework create a specific relaxation / meditation or body scan that will promote deep rest and relaxation.  There are many sample scripts you can refer to but please create your own.  You might even share a favorite quote or reading. 

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