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Mathematical Structures assignment at an affordable cost

Math 2155, Fall 2021: Homework 6
Instructions for GradeScope:
You may handwrite your answers or type them. Only type solutions if you are able to type the
appropriate symbols. If typed, use at least a 12pt font, with one question per page. You can
then directly submit the pdf file to GradeScope.
If handwritten:
• Don’t erase or cross out more than a word or two.
• Only write on one side of the page. Use dark, large, neat writing.
• If you have a real scanner, great! Most people will scan their solutions using their phone. Use
one of the recommended apps: For iOS, use Scannable by Evernote or Genius Scan. For
Android, use Genius Scan. Do not just take regular photos.
• When scanning, have good lighting and try to avoid shadows.
• It is best to have one question per scan. If the solution is short, fold the page in half and
scan just the half it is on, so there isn’t so much blank space. Or, you can scan and then crop
the scan. You don’t need to scan parts (a), (b), etc. separately or put them on separate pages.
• It works well to scan each question separately and produce one pdf file with one question per
page. Most scanning apps will automatically combine your images into one pdf file.
• You must check the quality of your scans afterwards, and rescan if needed.
Make sure you are going to http://gradescope.ca not http://gradescope.com. You can
access it through the course OWL site.
You can resubmit your work any number of times until the deadline.
See the GradeScope help website for lots of information: https://help.gradescope.com/
Select “Student Center” and then either “Scanning Work on a Mobile Device” or “Submitting an
Instructions for writing solutions:
• Homework is graded both on correctness and on presentation.
• Your proofs should be written in complete sentences, starting with capitals and ending with
periods. They should be in paragraph form, similar to the proofs in the textbook. For
example, you shouldn’t put each sentence on a new line. Paragraphs should be used to break
the proof into logical chunks.
• Don’t use informal abbreviations such as three dots for “therefore.” Logical symbols can be
used when they clarify things to the reader, but English words can often be more effective.
• Include all of the steps that are needed to logically justify every claim you make. Do not
include unnecessary steps. Try to be concise and complete.
• Do not submit any rough work. Do your rough work on scratch paper, and only submit a
clearly and neatly written answer. Do not cross out or erase more than a word or two. If you
write each final solution on a new page, it’s easy to start over on a fresh page when you’ve
made a large error.
• You should do the work on your own. Read the course syllabus for the rules about scholastic
offences, which include sharing solutions with others, uploading material to a website, viewing
material of others or on a website (even if you don’t use it), etc. The penalty for cheating on
homework will be a grade of 0 on the homework set as well as a penalty of negative 5% on
the overall course grade.
• We may not grade every question.

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