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Media studies Assignment at an Affordable Cost


CHOOSE ONEOption 1Engaging the archetypes and our own media consumption

Choose a tv or book series or video game that you binge currently or when you were at a different stage in your life such as a child or teenager and provide the following 4 parts:
Part 1: Identify 3 characters in the show and present their archetype/s. Do your research on archetypes and choose how you would identify them, noting that most often a character can represent more than one archetype. Write 1-2 pages per character/archetype. 
Part 2: Reflect on which characters you liked the most & the least, and what about their character/archetype in the plot you either resonated with or didn’t- 1-2 pages total. 
Part 3: Take the reflection of part 2 even further with more applied self-reflection. Become mindful of how watching those characters spoke to you in some way that resonated with your own archetypal development (this is the basis of media psychology & the archetypes)- for instance was the ‘hero’ teaching you a lesson at a difficult time in your life? Was the ‘outlaw’ representing a bully in the school that you wished you could confront? You choose what characters to do an analysis of. 2-3 pages.

Part 4:  A short conclusion, 250-300 words.

Option 2A Research essay on Mindfulness and any aspect of media and/or cultural studies you choose. I suggest you approach this essay by formulating a question, for instance, what does mindfulness have to teach us collectively about the body?  Or How can mindfulness help against racism? Then do research in response to your question/topic and through the process of researching, construct your thesis.

1500 words. 12 font, double spaced. At least 6 Scholarly sources. You may include as many non-scholarly sources as you want. MLA or APA.

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