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MEDIATION FINAL COURSE PAPER Assignment at an Affordable Cost


The Course Paper will consist of 40% of your final grade.
Your assignment is due April 5th, 2020 at 11:59 PM. You will hand in your final paper by emailing me at I request that students email me as soon as possible to inform me of any
potential problems they may have in hand in the final paper.
The Course Paper will be on the subject of the student’s choosing as it relates to Mediation. Students may
write on any of the subjects covered in the readings and lectures OR may research a topic not covered
during the lectures. Students are not bound by the subject matter or position covered in their proposal.
The Course Paper cannot exceed fifteen pages, double spaced with a 12-sized Time News Roman font.
There is no minimum page requirement. Failure to abide by the above noted fifteen-page paper limit will
result in a penalty to your paper. For each page over the limit, you will be docked one percentage point
off your final grade.
The Course Paper will be assessed for the students:
· Understanding of subject matter (10 marks) Students are required to show that they understand
the subject matter that they are discussing. An example of a student properly demonstrating an
understanding of the subject matter is in the use of a case or a piece of legislation. If for
example, a student improperly identifies the ratio of a case or incorrectly interprets what a law
means, they will lose marks. Another example would be demonstrating an understanding of
what certain terms or concepts mean. A failure to correctly define key concepts in your final
paper will result in a loss of marks.
· The strength of their argument (10 marks) Students will be assessed on how strong their thesis
and arguments are. Students should have a strong and concise thesis statement that runs
throughout their paper. A student’s arguments should support their thesis, address the major
points of your thesis and be argued in a rational and logical manner 
· The organization and coherence of the essay and it’s arguments (8 marks) Students will be
assessed on the organization and coherence of your essay. Persuasive writing requires you to
structure your thoughts, ideas and arguments in a manner that is easy for your audience to
understand. For example, think carefully about what argument comes first and what argument
you want to end the paper on. Ensure that your introduction sufficiently provides the groundwork
for the rest of the paper. Your introduction should adequately introduce your audience to the
subject matter you will be writing about. Ensure that your conclusion provides the reader with
something extra to consider or ideas for future areas of research.
· The writing style (spelling, grammar, sentence structure) used in the paper (6 marks) Differing
from the organization and coherence of a paper, students will be graded on the spelling, grammar
and sentence structure of their paper. Persuasive writing requires that students proofread their
work and ensure there is no glaring errors in their paper. Perfection is not the standard.
Academics are human too and make errors. However, a paper riddled with typos, run on
sentences and inconsistent grammar will be docked grades.
· The quantity and quality of the bibliography (6 marks) The minimum required sources for the
bibliography is 5. However, the expectation is that students will have a bibliography that exceeds
5 sources. The sources you cite should show that you have done the necessary research to guide
you in the completion of your paper and should come from a variety of sources. You should have

academic sources in your bibliography. You must use a recognized citation style and be
consistent throughout your paper. The use of insource citations or footnotes/endnotes is up to the
discretion of the students.
Each of these five components will total a final mark of 40.

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