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Grid on Abortion and mental heath




Source  (partial                  Lit Review             Main ideas from this source about my topic/              

Info for reference).        Or Empirical?         Information from this source that answers my questions                             Comments or Questions


Source Grid Instructions

This grid offers you a simple way to begin to write about and connect your primary sources for your paper.

  1. Write your research question in the space provided at the top of your grid. 

  2. In the first column, put your primary sources.  Your sources must be relevant to your topic and must come from either the PsycArticles or Psychology and Behavioral Sciences databases of the Laney Library. Include the following information: Author(s), year published, title of article, and name of journal (Note that you will need additional information for a complete APA style reference for your final paper).
  3. In the second column, note whether each source is a literature review (summary of past research and theory on a topic) or an empirical article (describing original research experiment/studies).  (You will need to describe the methods and results of 1 empirical article in your paper.)
  4. In the third column, list the main ideas from this source about your topic. This should be information from this source that answers your research questions. This is not an easy step, but it is the most important one; working to identify the authors’ main points in this step can make putting the material together for the paper much easier later on. 

  5. In the fourth column, list any comments or questions that you have about each source, and record the most important or most interesting detail that the source provides. 

  6.  Once you have completed the grid, try to answer the following question: What conclusions can you reach about your topic based on the available evidence from these articles?  That is, what is/are the answer(s) to your research question(s), based on these sources?  This is the main question you need to answer by the end of the paper. It should be the basis of the conclusion at the end of your paper.   This should be at least a full paragraph and could easily be longer.

If you like, you can also answer the following 3 questions. You can add this information to the conclusion in your final paper to make it even stronger. These questions are not required.

  1. Do you have criticisms of the articles you read?  Do you doubt the reliability or validity of the information they provide? Why?
    1. Are there contradictions you found between the different articles that make a conclusion hard to come to?
    1. What are the practical implications of your conclusions? How might they affect real people’s lives?
    1. What questions do you feel are left unanswered or what other studies are needed? 

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