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Mental illness and marginalized groups


  • For this discussion board post please do some research into the difficulties that LGBTQI groups in the United States have encountered when attempting to access mental health diagnosis and treatment.
    1. Choose one specific area and then do a deep dive into that topic and write about what you find. A minimum of 500 words and 3 scholarly sources is required.   Cite the list of sources in APA
    2. Areas that you might consider: biases that are present in the mental health system related to LGBTQI groups, difficulties that they have in accessing treatment for mental illness at all, and why these problems tend to be prevalent for this group but not as much for more affluent groups. There are a LOT of topics that are available related to this topic, so choose one and do a deep dive so that the rest of the class can be educated by your research. Please try to be inclusive and avoid sounding as if you are using “us/them” language.
    3. Make sure to introduce your topic and then discuss it in detail. Define the LGBTQI groups and discuss why they would be considered a marginalized group.  Describe the difficulties that members of this group have had interacting with the mental health system – has there been a tendency to misdiagnose this group and if so, how and why. Has there been a lack of resources available to this group? And if so, describe that and the problems it creates.  Is there a lack of trained practitioners who come from the same background?  Think through the problem and really do a good job of discussing the issues faced by this BIPOC/marginalized group in the US. This is a very important topic so please take it seriously and please, please, please do NOT be offensive.

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