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Mental Illness Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is to help you develop the ideas in your Project Brainstorm and operationalize a program that will serve as the foundation of your grant proposal. For example, if you are interested in the general topic of preventing drug abuse among adolescents, in the program proposal you should start defining the components of a program that would address this issue. Some questions to consider within this example would be: What is the definition of drug abuse? What are the risk and protective factors for drug abuse, and what kinds of programs might reduce risk? How would one measure successful prevention of drug abuse?

The questions below are intended to structure your thought process as you develop your ideas for a program. Please number your responses and use full sentences in your submission. Upload your submission in .docx format to the Assessments section of your course. The recommended length of this assignment is 2-3 pages double spaced (with 1-inch margins and 12-point font). You should provide citations when applicable in APA format along with a References page.

  1. What is the problem or need that your program will address? Why is this important? Provide statistics that will support your response.
  2. What are the primary theories in psychology that are relevant to understanding this problem?
  3. Who is the target consumer for this program? In other words, who will participate in this program?
  4. What is the intended outcome of this program, both in terms of the effect(s) on individual participants, but also effect(s) on other groups such as families, communities, and society more broadly?
  5. What programs already exist that address this topic? Provide at least a list of programs you have researched, even if you haven’t read about all of them yet.

Topic Proposal Grading Rubric

Each question will be graded according to the criteria below:page12image30550912page12image30543616

Content (3 points) ●
● All components of the question are addressed

Content is relevant to the question being asked

Depth of Thinking (2 points)● Response evidences graduate-level knowledge of the topic area, commensurate with the scope of this assignment● Response evidences graduate-level analysis and thinking

Formatting (1 point) ●
● APA format is used for citations

Response is free of typographical and grammatical errorspage12image30444160page12image30456640

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