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Metacognition Discussion assignment at an affordable cost


The Final Reflection Paper will count as your Final (This is to a formal paper with 5 distinct paragraphs.)

Your Final Reflection is a culmination of what you have learned related to our course outcomes of academic success and life skills. This assignment gives you a chance to reflect on your success as well as where you still have challenges or need to improve. Spend time on this assignment and make sure you provide specific and honest examples to answer these questions.

Tips for Writing a Good Final Reflection Paper

  • Before typing in a WORD document, read all questions and jot down the first ideas and examples that come to mind when you read over the questions.
  • Review notes from previous self-reflections for ideas you can include.
  • Read your work out loud (or have someone else read it out loud to you) so you can “hear” where an idea is not clearly expressed.
  • Show engagement with assigned questions in terms of answering fully (do not use yes or no answers) and showing that you have thought about the questions by providing support and specific examples.
  • Review provided resources on APA format as designated by your instructor.

Grading Guidelines for Final Reflection

Development (75% / 150 points)

  • Specific examples to answers (make sure you are showing how you have or have not applied these concepts or how you will in the future)

Editing/Clarity (12.5% / 25 points)

  • Reveals editing for spelling and sentence-level clarity.

Format (12.5% / 25 points)

  • Word-processed document in APA format for font, headers, spacing, etc. as designated by the instructor.
  • A paragraph for each question is provided; do not recopy the question or number your answers.
  • Recommended to be at least two word-processed pages in length.


  • Type your responses in a WORD Document.
  • Put thought into your responses making sure to give specific examples/details.
  • Each below Part (1-5) is to be written in its own paragraph in the order below without recopying the questions or providing the numbers or alphabet.
  • When you have completed your paper, you will have five (5) paragraphs in total.

Final Reflection Paper Questions (Parts/Written Paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)


  1. Metacognition (learning how to learn) is a major focal point for this course. You spent the semester analyzing how you think, how you process information, and other possible solutions to help improve your metacognitive abilities.
    1. State clearly your understanding of metacognition,
    2. Why is metacognition important for you to understand and for you to use to improve your academics?
    3. Describe at least two (2) academic success strategies you have used this semester using metacognition that have helped you academically.
    4. Discuss what worked well with the strategies you noted as using?
    5. Discuss at least two (2) different metacognition strategies you will use going forward to help you academically in the upcoming semester or as you move forward professionally?
  2. Relationships/Connections are important for your overall success academically at MTC. Consider your connections to staff, faculty, your advisor, and other resources at the college, such as the Academic Success Center, Counseling Services, the Life Skills Center, and Financial Aid, etc.
    1. Discuss at least two (2) relationships you have developed so far that are helping you be a more successful student at MTC.
    2. Discuss in detail how the two relationships you noted are benefiting you academically?
    3. Thinking beyond the relationships you developed this past semester, discuss what other relationships (at least two) you would like to develop as you move forward. Expand beyond faculty, advisors, and classmates.
    4. How might these new relationships benefit you academically?
    5. Discuss why the development of new relationships is important to you not only academically, but personally and professionally?
  3. Overcoming challenges often begins with a proper mindset.
    1. Discuss your knowledge of a growth mindset is, as well as, a fixed mindset.
    2. Discuss in detail how you adopted a growth mindset or how you reverted to a fixed mindset when faced with a challenge this past semester.
    3. What specifically was your confirmation of a growth mindset or a fixed mindset related to challenges you faced? If a growth mindset, discuss what made you pleased with the outcomes. If a fixed mindset, what might you have done differently to have produced better outcomes in the mist of your challenges?
    4. How will you apply the concepts of a growth mindset to future academic challenges?
  4. Perhaps the biggest challenge students face is adapting to new demands placed on their time.
    1. Discuss in detail at least (2) specific time management techniques/strategies you are using to help you in creating a schedule that balances your school, your work, your leisure time, and your many relationships. [Be specifically clear on actually what you are doing to help you get a handle on managing your time so you can achieve your goals.]
    2. Discuss the most significant sacrifice you are making to balance school with your other commitments currently.
    3. What additional sacrifices will you likely have to make going forward to better achieve the desired level of academic success you want?
  5. This course has shared a number of different concepts designed to help you be successful in your college academics.
    1. Discuss what is your biggest “take-away” from this class?
    2. How has this “take-away” made your current college experience better?
    3. How has this “take-away” given you the realization that what you learned will make your future academics better?

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