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Microbiology In The News – Report

Due date:
• See schedule at the end of the syllabus. Reports are due by the end of class on the due date.

Choosing your article:
• The news article must be published in a magazine, newspaper, or on a reliable website. Some potentially useful sources are listed in the next section. You cannot use a primary research report from scientific journals such as Science, Nature, Cell, Infection and Immunity, Public Library of Science journals etc. Avoid publications from any sources with Journal in the title (e.g., Journal of Bacteriology, Journal of Virology, etc.). If the article is divided into parts such as Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, etc., you cannot use it. You should also avoid blogs as sources.

• Example Sources for Articles (note that your article does not have to be from one of these sources but students have found them useful in the past):
o (Requires setting up a free account)
o New York Times newspaper
o Chicago Tribune newspaper
o Tennessean newspaper
o Any other major newspaper
o Newsweek magazine
o TIME magazine
o Discover magazine
o National Geographic magazine

• The article cannot be more than 12 months old.

• The article must be at least 3 paragraphs long or the equivalent of 3 paragraphs if the text is not in true paragraph format as you might find on certain websites or in some newspaper articles. The article should not be longer than 4 pages if all the text was copied and pasted into a document such as this and all the large empty spaces and pictures were removed.

• Any major topic we cover this term must be the main focus of the article.

• Be sure that you can write about the first 4 components under Scoring below.

• I highly recommend that you ask me if your article is appropriate BEFORE you write your report.

Writing your report:
• Your report must be double-spaced and at least 1 full page but no more than 2 pages.

• Include your name, section number, and date at the top of the page in one horizontal line. For example: John Doe, Section N04, 3.7.2014

• Include a title for your report. Do not use exactly the same title as the article, but make sure the title is specific for the topic covered.

• It is usually a good idea to begin your report with a brief summary of the article. If the article made several points, focus on the most important ones.

• Most of your report should be about the second through fourth points under ‘Scoring’ below.

• Be sure to avoid plagiarism, which can result in a score of zero. “Plagiarism may result from: (1) failing to cite quotations and borrowed ideas, (2) failing to enclose borrowed language in quotation marks, and (3) failing to put summaries and paraphrases in your own words” (A Writer’s Reference 331). If you copy a phrase or sentence from the article (or any other source) in your report, you must put it in quotations. The use of quotes should be kept to a minimum. Instead, paraphrase the contents of the article in your own words. If you use a quote, keep it as short as possible and mention who made the statement including that person’s title or credentials.

• Toward the end of your report you must include at least two relevant questions that the article raised in your mind but were NOT asked nor answered in the article. This shows that you can think critically about something you’ve read. If you can think of several unanswered questions, then that is even better!

• See the Example Report at the end of this document or online in D2L.

25 points total:
4 – three- to six-sentence summary of the article in your own words
4 – why you found the article interesting & how the article applies to microbiology class (give multiple specific examples)
4 – how microbiology class helped you understand the article (give multiple specific examples)
4 – two or more relevant questions from your own mind that the article did
not ask nor answer
3 – attached an appropriate paper copy of the article
3 – clarity: proper use of language, spelling, and grammar
1 – adhering to 1-2 page limit
1 – use of 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins on all sides
1 – double-spaced text

Late reports:
• I will deduct 2 points if it is turned in on the due date but after class ends. I will deduct 5 points for each class day after the due date.

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